Women's Surf Camp

Surf Lessons

With simple, straightforward instructions before each surf session, you will be riding waves in no time. Each day our surf instructors will take you to a surf break that is appropriate for your skill level and provide all the equipment you need. Surf instructors will teach basic ocean safety, paddling techniques, surf etiquette, and wave riding skills. If you are already up and riding, our instructors will work to hone your abilities.

We have a low student to teacher ratio (less than 3 students per instructor) because any more than that is difficult, if not unsafe, for the students as well as others in the water. There will always be an instructor with you in the water (as opposed to surfing and not paying attention to you) and someone on the beach taking photos so that you're always being looked after. We specialize in small groups (less than 8) so that each guest receives individual attention and to prevent overcrowding the very place we love.

Pavones is a perfect place for learning how to surf, not only because of the variety of waves in the area, but also because of the form of the wave itself. The section of the wave where we have lessons is a gentle rolling Waikiki style wave that continues on forever. At more than a half of a mile long, Pavones is famous amongst surfers as one of the longest point breaks in the world. At the right tides, the wave at Pavones rolls along slowly, making it easier for you to paddle out, catch and ride waves. You will have plenty of time to get to your feet.

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