Women's Surf Camp

Pre-Surf Camp

"How can I prepare for surf camp?" We have compiled a list of surf movies that you can watch to immerse yourself in the surf culture, get a feel for what surfers are like, what riding waves is like from the surfer's perspective, and how surfing can change your life.

We also have our favorite surf bikinis that will not come off in the surf, no matter how big´┐Ż these suits have been tested by all of the surfer girls here in Pavones as well as by wahine in Hawaii and the rest of the surfing world.

All sunscreens are not equal. We have spent countless hours in and out of the water, sometimes reapplying, sometimes not, and have been burnt by some really expensive sunscreens and saved by some more affordable ones. Here are our recommended sun screens.

Before coming to surf camp you should definitely be able to swim, and should be swimming as often as possible before you get here. Here are some other pre surf trip exercises you can use to strengthen and stretch before you get here.

honey girl waterwear surfing for life recommended sunscreen

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