Photo and Nature Guide Interns

Sorry, we're not hiring for 2010.

Want to work at a surf camp?

  • dream job for a surfer/photographer
  • surf photography training
  • surf as much as possible
  • photo interns amass a huge portfolio of action, animal, and flora photos
  • some free meals and yoga classes
  • applicants start as intern trainees and may work their way into a paid position
  • hands on instruction on camera use and manual functions
  • did we mention you get to surf everyday?

The best way to get us to hire you for next year is for you to make a youTube video describing yourself and your qualifications, why you would be the best applicant for our surf camp, what you feel your strengths and weaknesses are, and if possible, video and photos of yourself surfing, some photos you have taken (we are hiring for a photographer), and anything else you think we'd like to know. Post it to YouTube and send us the link.





Surf camp for women Endangered red backed squirrel monkeys in Pavones costa rica